Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Glimpse of Jesus - Chapter 1

This book is written for somebody who knows the substance of the Bible. It's definitely wonderful in its own way, however. And there are beautifully articulated passages like this one:

Brennan Manning on Healthy Guilt:
When God introduces creative tension into our lives by calling us to break camp, abandon the security and comfort of the status quo, and embark in perilous freedom on a new exodus, our insecurity and procrastination may focus only on the darker implications of the challenge and plunge us anew into unhealthy guilt. Stubbornly to stand still when the Lord is clearly challenging us to growth is hard-geartedness, infidelity, and connotes a dangerous lack of trust.

But to start trekking across the desert impulsively without the guidance of the cloud and the fire is reckless folly. When God's call is not clarified and the inner voice remains indistinct, our restlessness and interior disquiet may be signalling a new exodus into greater openness, vulnerability, and compassion, a deeper purity of heart, a transformed mind and spirit.

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