Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bachelor Bro's Part Two (The End)

This is such a heartwarming little book. I sat in Major's Hill Park tonight and read its conclusion. Hector and Virgil (the brothers) are my buddies now....I groaned at the irony of the fact that there is a greasy thumbprint on the muffin recipe page that's included in the book...especially after Virgil's comments on how much he likes finding little surprises in used books. (Me too. I actually like buying the books with scrawls in the margin!)

So, anyways, this book is going to the downstairs table in my apartment, with hopes that one of my roommates will befriend it for a little while. It's good stuff.

Possibly the best quote of the book:
I love the phrase 'learning by heart,' especially when it is applied to poetry, because it seems such a perfect description of the process of memorizing words that have been carefully chosen and weighed and handled. The heart, I think, which is the home of all things rhythmic, is where learned poems go to live.

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