Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pinter, Canada Reads, and KPL e-awesomeness

Tonight I finished The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter.  It's a play, so I'm using it for item #47 on my Year Of Reading Ambitiously list.  I was going to use it as "a book you can read in a day," but I ended up picking it up and putting it down several times because baby just wasn't that into it. ;)

So this play falls into the categories of "Comedy of Menace" and "Theater of the Absurd."  Yes.  Yes it does.  It's a twisted mess of truths, half-truths and untruths and it's supposed to leave you tangled and confused but perturbed.  It did. Perhaps we should just leave it at that.  (I did enjoy some of the snappy, back-and-forth dialogue, though.)

My Canada Reads books arrived in the mail today.  When it comes to fiction, mostly I stick to buying used books because the thrill is in the hunt and, well, books are expensive.  But once a year (at least) I splurge and order up the Canada Reads titles.  I also ordered The Orphan Master's Son for a book club.  What surprised me was how tiny the box was that everything arrived in.  Has Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook reduced our love of reading and attention spans enough that novels are shrinking? Maybe, baby.

So I cracked open When Everything Feels Like The Movies and was a bit scandalized by the first chapter, but more on that later.  I had it in my head that I would take to reading in the rocker/recliner in baby's room while he drifts closer to dreamland.  

Problem.  It has become apparent that reading with the lamp on in the nursery just won't do: Orson is much too fascinated with light and doesn't seem to get the hint that it's his bedtime.  Which means I could spend that time on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook or playing Trivia Crack on my iPhone, but for fear that my brain might be shrinking right alongside novel sizes, I'm resolving to use my phone to get some more reading in.  

I got out my KPL card and set up my phone for ebooks.  (HOW and WHY did I not do this sooner?  How and why?  Why and how?  There is so much good stuff out there!)  My first download: Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo.  Now that I have it all set up, I'm off to bed, but I'm sure I'll be up at some point in the night to feed baby and read at least a few pages.

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